We are a group of outgoing, active and adventurous people from New Zealand. Whenever given the chance, we exchange the lush green nature of our homeland for the harsh, blackened ash plains that make up most of Ambrym.
Ever since completing this task we have now set it upon ourselves to share this experience with the rest of the world.

stacks_image_2Geoff Mackley
Since 1980 I have been a freelance photographer and specialized in filming breaking news.
Constantly first at the scene of major fires, crashes, police emergencies, floods, storms etc, I soon made a name for myself for being first with the best photos, these were regularly printed in magazines and newspapers. In 1990, I started taking a video along to emergencies, this soon attracted the attention of the TV networks, within weeks of this my pictures were leading the evening news bulletins. Since then, I estimate I have shot over 500 lead stories where I have had the best or only pictures of the incident and thousands of other stories that no other TV network has had. My efforts at getting the best pictures have often meant that I have become part of the story I am covering. My filming activities in recent years have evolved around my passion for the natural world and in particular, nature in her most violent moods: erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons, tornadoes……..the greatest show on earth. During the last year alone there have been more than 15 programmes and shows done featuring my efforts to “get the best shot” along with more than 40 magazine and newspaper stories. My pictures regularly appear on the world’s major television networks. Most recently my own TV series “Dangerman” was made for the Discovery ChannelFor 15 years now I have tackled Ambrym volcano with little success in reaching my final destination. Every time I come to this terrible place I learn something knew and I learn how to do things better. With that mind set and the perfect team I was finally able to fulfill my dream in 2012. Now I want to share this experience with the world

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Bradley Ambrose – 37 year old cameraman from Auckland.
Geoff made his first steps on Marum in 1997 with Bradley Ambrose

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Chris Horsley – 23 years old, British born, Chris has a thirst for adventure.